Things That Every Newbie Should Do Before Hiking

Hiking Newbie Tips

There have been many things happening in 2016 and there are a lot of things that become trending. Travelling and backpacking are indeed still popular among in pop culture but hiking now becomes one of the most common things for young people. If you used to see professional hiker back then but now everyone can be hiking and try good experiences in hiking mountain. You dont need to be a member of nature lover or such thing but you only need to have trained to feel the hiking experience. People come to race who the fastest hiker that reaches the top of the mountain. Everybody feels like it has to be important to have a hobby like a hiking because it is essential to know and understand more about our nature and ourself to enhance the personality to be better.

The worst thing happens if people feel that they can do easy things like hiking but they dont have any experience of it and then they just follow the willing without thorough preparation for both equipment and physic. YOu may not see that hiking is hard thing as it is just a walk to reach the top of mountain but it still needs a lot preparations that you should do months before you go. Seeing the hype of hiking nowadays, it’s very important to warn newbie and guide them to be better in preparing the survival journey. You may be stunned once you watched Everest movie and so on. You need not only the great willing but there must follow big effort to keep it safe and you still can reach the top of mountain. Here are things that every newbie should do before they really start the survival journey.

  • Get used to workout

Before you go to your survival journey and feel the excitement seeing the nature and the beauty of the hills and mountain. You should ensure that you have got trained so your power and physic have been ready to walk up and hike with good manner and power. It will be wrong if you keep making is as a piece of cake. Workout is really important for your journey and makes your power stronger and healthier when it has come to hike

  • Learn the place you are going to hike

It is also important for you to learn the place, you don’t need to try hiking it first but you just need the more information that will give you time to preparations and more plans when there is something we don’t expect happen in the middle of your journey. When you have known or understand about the place of your hiking, it will give you ease to assemble the plan and strategy to keep it safe and fast.

  • Choose the most comfortable carrier

It’s not simple thing to choose the best carrier because you need considerations when you are going to buy it especially if you are a newbie, you may need more thoughts when you will use it to hike. Don’t care about the price but choose carrier that will give more comforts. If you see the good brand but it’s not comfortable, why do you still have to buy it?

  • Prepare food and drink stock properly

It’s another essential thing to prepare because there will be lot of time to spend and you need times to take a rest. Food and drink are important for taking rest. You can buy food stock like weeks before you hike and only think about instant drink that you can pour hot water into it once you open the package of the sprinkle drink.

  • Never think that hiking is such a fashion show

Don’t ever think about existence, you have to think safety and safety. Don’t ever think that hiking is such a fashion show, you have to consider the safety when you are going to wear apparel for your survival journey. The most common thing happen and it’s like phenomena where everyone show off their branded carrier, shoes, and more to get cool and stylish hiker when it has come to take photo when you are in the middle of survival journey.

  • Dont leave damage

If you have arrived to the place where you are going to hike, make sure that you have made warning that you will not damage surrounding. You have to consider that you have to love surrounding and never leave any damage made by you or your team. The worst thing may be about vandalism and never do that when you are hiking.

  • Dont do alone

If you have planned to go to hiking, you have to be accompanied by friends or family. The most important thing that you are not allowed shiking alone. It is dangerous if you do it alone because it’s not recommended to hike alone due to many dangers that will be faced in the middle of journey.

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