Mountaineering Tips – Follow These Simple Steps


This time mountaineering activity is being in the interest of the youth. There are many factors that influence the hike ranging from participating in a group of climbers who usually held by each campus, followed the trend and some are inspired by watching a movie. Here are some tips to facilitate us in doing mountaineering. Some of them are as follow.

Shoelace instead of belts is good. If you feel bothered to wear a belt is better to use shoelaces just because simpler and not so bothered enough wrap pants and made the cover like tying your shoes for the hike wearing pants or jeans. Get used to doing direct drinking mineral water directly.

Try to when drinking let the first in the mouth bit by bit in a drink that the throat wet and not get thirsty. Do not rush to take a breather when the drive up so that you do not feel tired set breath as possible. Climbing beats a deep breath to 2 times footsteps.

Plastic bags can warm the hands and feet, in addition to the jacket that we use plastic bags can also be slightly warmed the hands and our feet. Try to prefer eating sardines from the instant noodles, since noodles hard to digest and can make us feel tired because the digestive process of the instant noodles. A climb to reach the top is not alone. The process for doing so is equally impressive.

When climbing mountain, stamina certainly is very necessary. Strong body fresh and stamina greatly support you in conquering mountain peaks. Many of the climbers who could not continue the journey to the summit due to the condition of the body that does not allow such tired, ill or other things. For hikers, stepped to the summit is very thrilling.

Although hit by fatigue and the terrain is so difficult, everything will be paid off when the climber to summit. Beautiful scenery will remove all the tiredness of the climbers. Climbing the mountain is very pleasant and always makes everybody misses the atmosphere of the climb.

However, in mountain climbing also have risks, among the various diseases that can strike at any time while you are in the journey of ascent. Be safe in your ascent and to prevent the disease up to you.

  1. Pray

Pray although difficult to prove scientifically, but prayer is very important when you start any activity of any kind, including before making the climb. Prayer can help your mind stay positive and keep you in a state of luck. Before you make the climb well you and your friends prayed together beforehand for safety and smoothness during a climbing trip.

  1. Perform stretching before and after the climb

Exercise regularly or do stretching before making the climb will help muscles recover quickly and prevent cramps. If you immediately make the climb without heating in advance, it is not possible amid the trip you will feel fatigue, body stiffness and cramps so very disturbing your trip. It helps you to avoid far-away day exercise regularly or at least warming up before doing the climb.

  1. Drink enough water

While doing the climb, the body’s physical activity that makes dehydrate. Ascent is a physical activity that burns calories, even though the air was cold, but your body will still sweat. This activity would lead to dehydration and lack of fluids. The condition like it would be fatal if on leave, but many climbers who ignore it. To reduce your risk of dehydration, you should drink enough water. If on the day you usually drink water as much as 2 liters, maybe when climbing you can drink 5-6 liters.

  1. Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays

The air is cool and airy in the hill country, but you also should not let your skin is exposed to direct sunshine. Sunshine is healthy, but if you ignore it, your skin can burn and feel sore. Always use a jacket and trousers or other enclosed clothes. Also use a mask to protect your lips from cracking.

  1. Preparation sufficient

The air in the mountains is very cold. Of course, you have enough preparation. Not only the cold, but the weather was bad too often haunt the climbers. For that, you have to actually do the preparation and enough stock.

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