Hiking In The Wild – How Not To Get Lost

Wilderness – Lost

Not arbitrary and not if you want to travel to the wild? You can not underestimate what will happen later. Preparation you have to do is done, ranging from supplies, engineering, as well as mental. Therefore, if you intend to explore the outdoors, not to not know how to survive.

Selection of the right clothes can also help us avoid dangers of getting lost. The way is to choose clothing that allows us to move freely. The cloth also should be thick enough, so it does not tear easily if caught twigs tree. However, not too thick too because it can make us sweeter. If it can move freely, it is unlikely we will be left out of the group. And if we got lost, this outfit will allow us to do many things that we try to survive. Choose to cloth with bright colors, so it is more easily caught by the eyes of others. If a hike with friends, this color will be easier for them to recognize our existence. This means, they will be quick to notice when we’re apart. Also, the striking colors will also make it easier for rescuers to find us. Footwear must have we choose wisely. Footwear should be closed so that the foot is protected from sharp gravel or small animals that are around the surface of the ground. Use strong sports shoes that are not easily damaged if we wear walking on the ground with anything. Shoe conditions also should not be too heavy, so we do not get tired easily when walking.

The big problem facing people who are lost in the woods is a hunger and thirst. The longer misled, this risk will increasingly be life-threatening. To minimize this risk, it is advisable for everyone to bring food and drink enough each time browsing the woods. Provisions must be taken each person individually, should not be collected in one person in the group because each person could have been separated from the group. By bringing lunch respectively, at least each person has reserves to survive for some time when it lost later. The more supplies are brought would be more to ensure the survival of our time in the wild. But on the other hand, supplies too much will make us feel heavier backpack. Therefore, take the wisely many supplies of food and beverages that we bring.

In addition to supplies of food and drinks, we also need to set up some equipment that can help us to survive if we lost anticipatory actions later. This is important to be prepared. Some standard equipment is required between other map and a compass to determine the direction, the chalk to mark on a tree or large rocks, water filter, P3K box and standard drugs, and so on. We can also carry a whistle to be blown when lost later. High voice and whistle can be heard at a considerable distance. This will allow other people to keep track of our existence. In addition to the whistle, we can also use a flashlight to signal emergencies to flash into the sky. For that, do not ever go adventuring in the wild without bringing a flashlight with batteries and an adequate level of information.

Further important action to be prepared when going to surf the wild is the ability to survive and save self. There are a variety of simple tricks we can learn with ease, yet effective enough to help us survive in conditions lost alone in the middle of the jungle. The first thing that needs to be mastered is the guideline S.T.O.P. These guidelines are the sequence of steps that must be done when lost. STOP is an acronym for Stay Calm (Keep Calm), Think (Thinking), Observe (Observe), and Plan (Plan). In addition to mastering these guidelines, we also need to master some basic skills like how to light a campfire, how to find a haven, how to avoid wild animals, first aid if we suffer an injury, how to discover and distil water, and so forth.

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