Things That Every Newbie Should Do Before Hiking

Hiking Newbie Tips

There have been many things happening in 2016 and there are a lot of things that become trending. Travelling and backpacking are indeed still popular among in pop culture but hiking now becomes one of the most common things for young people. If you used to see professional hiker back then but now everyone can be hiking and try good experiences in hiking mountain. You dont need to be a member of nature lover or such thing but you only need to have trained to feel the hiking experience. People come to race who the fastest hiker that reaches the top of the mountain. Everybody feels like it has to be important to have a hobby like a hiking because it is essential to know and understand more about our nature and ourself to enhance the personality to be better.

The worst thing happens if people feel that they can do easy things like hiking but they dont have any experience of it and then they just follow the willing without thorough preparation for both equipment and physic. YOu may not see that hiking is hard thing as it is just a walk to reach the top of mountain but it still needs a lot preparations that you should do months before you go. Seeing the hype of hiking nowadays, it’s very important to warn newbie and guide them to be better in preparing the survival journey. You may be stunned once you watched Everest movie and so on. You need not only the great willing but there must follow big effort to keep it safe and you still can reach the top of mountain. Here are things that every newbie should do before they really start the survival journey.

  • Get used to workout

Before you go to your survival journey and feel the excitement seeing the nature and the beauty of the hills and mountain. You should ensure that you have got trained so your power and physic have been ready to walk up and hike with good manner and power. It will be wrong if you keep making is as a piece of cake. Workout is really important for your journey and makes your power stronger and healthier when it has come to hike

  • Learn the place you are going to hike

It is also important for you to learn the place, you don’t need to try hiking it first but you just need the more information that will give you time to preparations and more plans when there is something we don’t expect happen in the middle of your journey. When you have known or understand about the place of your hiking, it will give you ease to assemble the plan and strategy to keep it safe and fast.

  • Choose the most comfortable carrier

It’s not simple thing to choose the best carrier because you need considerations when you are going to buy it especially if you are a newbie, you may need more thoughts when you will use it to hike. Don’t care about the price but choose carrier that will give more comforts. If you see the good brand but it’s not comfortable, why do you still have to buy it?

  • Prepare food and drink stock properly

It’s another essential thing to prepare because there will be lot of time to spend and you need times to take a rest. Food and drink are important for taking rest. You can buy food stock like weeks before you hike and only think about instant drink that you can pour hot water into it once you open the package of the sprinkle drink.

  • Never think that hiking is such a fashion show

Don’t ever think about existence, you have to think safety and safety. Don’t ever think that hiking is such a fashion show, you have to consider the safety when you are going to wear apparel for your survival journey. The most common thing happen and it’s like phenomena where everyone show off their branded carrier, shoes, and more to get cool and stylish hiker when it has come to take photo when you are in the middle of survival journey.

  • Dont leave damage

If you have arrived to the place where you are going to hike, make sure that you have made warning that you will not damage surrounding. You have to consider that you have to love surrounding and never leave any damage made by you or your team. The worst thing may be about vandalism and never do that when you are hiking.

  • Dont do alone

If you have planned to go to hiking, you have to be accompanied by friends or family. The most important thing that you are not allowed shiking alone. It is dangerous if you do it alone because it’s not recommended to hike alone due to many dangers that will be faced in the middle of journey.

Preventing Cold When Climbing

Preventing Cold

We all know that the activity in the outdoors and altitudes, such as mountain climbing, have a high risk, one of which attacked hypothermia. (See also: What is hypothermia and how to overcome them). Initially is starting with continuous freezing. For that we have tips that can stand the cold on the mountain. Here are tips how to cope with the cold on the mountain.

Make Acclimatization. In a scientific, sense Acclimatization is the process of an organism adapt to its environment. We as climbers also must do the adjustment process of the body to the new environment in which case the new environment that is different from the usual meets, the differences are quite striking especially ambient temperature. Temperatures on Mount will keep your body surprised if we do not make adjustments. If that happens then the next shock our bodies will continue to feel the cold. Acclimatization is simple for novice climbers for climbing activities under 3600 masl: Stretching before the climb, climb slowly, do not force yourself, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, let the surrounding air into the body slowly and let the body do the adjustment process. Acclimatization for expert climbers climbing activities above 4000 meters above sea level: Up to a height during the day, sleep at a lower altitude at night. For example, is rose to an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level during the day and then fell to 3200 meters to sleep at night.

Make sure the Dry Clothes. Wet clothes cold will deliver into our bodies. It also includes one of the most frequent causes of hypothermia. Ensure availability of dry clothes and warm. If the clothing worn wet from rain or sweat then immediately replace it if the time you’ve held a tent. Drink warm drinking. A warm beverage is useful for increasing blood circulation in the body. And also ensure a healthy nervous system, which works as it should. Smooth blood circulation and a healthy nervous system help the body temperature adjusts ambient temperature. After opening the tent to rest, remind cooks, they should know what should be first made, namely to make a warm beverage such as warm water, you can also make coffee or tea afterward, a cup of hot chocolate is also great if there is, it will make body re-powered.

Make sure stomach filled food intake. Climbing the mountain including strenuous activity, to make sure there are no problems with the stomach affairs (food intake). Because of stomach problems (empty) then all body cell activity would be decreased performance. It is including the body’s performance in controlling body temperature. It is highly advisable to eat high-calorie foods while hiking. Calories are substances that are beneficial to the body. When you like cars, this is the fuel calories to be able to make the car can run. Do much silence. Active and move. People most at a time when doing camping activities are usually not easily chilled. There are people who are used to riding a mountain wearing only shirts and shorts at the same time another cold turns out he does not, there is also a bypass not wearing a poncho when it rains. That all because they are always moving. When silent for a moment, the cold straight sets in the body. I’ve also been almost asleep when a break in the journey to the summit of a mountain, when unconscious and woke up I felt very cold.

Make sure your rest enough. The latter you must understand, remember that the body has the right to rest. Do not push when the body is feeling tired, rest, breathe. If you feel tired journey was reasonable, pause, take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. The tired body that reached the limit would reduce the level of consciousness and can be fatal when the cold comes. If the time has come camping should not be set up, use your rest time it with the best.

Mountaineering Tips – Follow These Simple Steps


This time mountaineering activity is being in the interest of the youth. There are many factors that influence the hike ranging from participating in a group of climbers who usually held by each campus, followed the trend and some are inspired by watching a movie. Here are some tips to facilitate us in doing mountaineering. Some of them are as follow.

Shoelace instead of belts is good. If you feel bothered to wear a belt is better to use shoelaces just because simpler and not so bothered enough wrap pants and made the cover like tying your shoes for the hike wearing pants or jeans. Get used to doing direct drinking mineral water directly.

Try to when drinking let the first in the mouth bit by bit in a drink that the throat wet and not get thirsty. Do not rush to take a breather when the drive up so that you do not feel tired set breath as possible. Climbing beats a deep breath to 2 times footsteps.

Plastic bags can warm the hands and feet, in addition to the jacket that we use plastic bags can also be slightly warmed the hands and our feet. Try to prefer eating sardines from the instant noodles, since noodles hard to digest and can make us feel tired because the digestive process of the instant noodles. A climb to reach the top is not alone. The process for doing so is equally impressive.

When climbing mountain, stamina certainly is very necessary. Strong body fresh and stamina greatly support you in conquering mountain peaks. Many of the climbers who could not continue the journey to the summit due to the condition of the body that does not allow such tired, ill or other things. For hikers, stepped to the summit is very thrilling.

Although hit by fatigue and the terrain is so difficult, everything will be paid off when the climber to summit. Beautiful scenery will remove all the tiredness of the climbers. Climbing the mountain is very pleasant and always makes everybody misses the atmosphere of the climb.

However, in mountain climbing also have risks, among the various diseases that can strike at any time while you are in the journey of ascent. Be safe in your ascent and to prevent the disease up to you.

  1. Pray

Pray although difficult to prove scientifically, but prayer is very important when you start any activity of any kind, including before making the climb. Prayer can help your mind stay positive and keep you in a state of luck. Before you make the climb well you and your friends prayed together beforehand for safety and smoothness during a climbing trip.

  1. Perform stretching before and after the climb

Exercise regularly or do stretching before making the climb will help muscles recover quickly and prevent cramps. If you immediately make the climb without heating in advance, it is not possible amid the trip you will feel fatigue, body stiffness and cramps so very disturbing your trip. It helps you to avoid far-away day exercise regularly or at least warming up before doing the climb.

  1. Drink enough water

While doing the climb, the body’s physical activity that makes dehydrate. Ascent is a physical activity that burns calories, even though the air was cold, but your body will still sweat. This activity would lead to dehydration and lack of fluids. The condition like it would be fatal if on leave, but many climbers who ignore it. To reduce your risk of dehydration, you should drink enough water. If on the day you usually drink water as much as 2 liters, maybe when climbing you can drink 5-6 liters.

  1. Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays

The air is cool and airy in the hill country, but you also should not let your skin is exposed to direct sunshine. Sunshine is healthy, but if you ignore it, your skin can burn and feel sore. Always use a jacket and trousers or other enclosed clothes. Also use a mask to protect your lips from cracking.

  1. Preparation sufficient

The air in the mountains is very cold. Of course, you have enough preparation. Not only the cold, but the weather was bad too often haunt the climbers. For that, you have to actually do the preparation and enough stock.